Rode’s first headset is aimed at creators and gamers

Rode only dipped into headphones last year, but now it’s ready to unveil its first headset — and this time it’s courting gamers in addition to creatives. The NTH-100M takes the familiar design of the NTH-100 but adds a detachable condenser microphone. It’s too early to say if the hardware is truly “broadcast-grade,” as Rode claims, but the company’s reputation for mics bodes well if you want quality audio when you’re chatting with teammates or hosting a livestream. You can even buy the boom mic separately (as the NTH-Mic) if you already have the headphones.

The design will otherwise seem familiar. Rode claims the 40mm dynamic drivers are designed for accurate frequency response with minimal distortion. The NTH-100M might be your pick if you want a neutral sound for editing podcasts and videos. You won’t get perks like noise cancellation or Bluetooth, but the headset will be surprisingly comfortable. When we tried the NTH-100, we found the cooling gel and other design touches to help for extended listening sessions.

The NTH-100M will retail for $189 which is $50 more than the headphones it’s based on. If you already have the NTH-100, you can snag the NTH-Mic separetely for $69. This means if you were holding out and can make use of the mic, the combo deal represents a $20 saving. Or, for that matter, you could always buy the base 100 for listening and upgrade when you’re ready to create content.

The NTH-100M is also a unique product in Rode’s lineup. While it’s not part of the company’s Rode X gaming brand, it’s clearly aimed as much at gamers and Twitch streamers as it is musicians and podcasters. In that sense, it straddles the line between consumer and creative in a way that even the headphones didn’t quite manage.