You may soon be able to live share YouTube, Spotify, Kahoot! and more in Google Meet

You may soon be able to live share YouTube, Spotify,  Kahoot! and more in Google Meet

Google Duo has begun its transition into Google Meet, and with that, consumers and businesses will all be using the same calling and messaging technology under the same umbrella. To me, the company has come full circle with its messaging, and I’m just and only hoping they don’t split it apart again after this merger. I’ve been living Groundhog’s Day enough thanks to the pandemic lifestyle, and I don’t need Google adding to it.

Luckily, those of you stuck in long, boring meetings may finally be saved from the droning monotony and corporate speak. Google Meet is likely to receive integration with certain apps and games according to 9to5Google, who performed an APK Insights report on the latest Meet app for Android.

To be more specific, you’ll be able to ‘live share’ your Android UNO session (and subsequently, play the game with call participants), interact with one another via Kahoot! quizzes, share YouTube videos and watch them together, listen to Spotify tracks in real-time, and even manage GQueues as a team.

Another few games include Charades and ‘Heads Up!’, with more to come in the future, I’m sure. During their deep dive, 9to5 did uncover the following images buried in the code, showing each respective icon on a playful bubble background, indicating that they are meant for fun.

Credit: 9to5Google

At this time, these are only planned to be available to Android users on mobile, per another code string discovered, but none of these are incredibly demanding, and are available on the web, with the exception of UNO and some of the other games. For this reason, I imagine all of this will become available to desktop users as well in time. Would you and your team play games during your Meet sessions? Let me know in the comments!