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The party’s over: Tips for tracking and reporting monthly startup expenses and revenue

Jason Richelson Contributor Share on Twitter Jason Richelson is CEO and co-founder of Bookkeep. He is also the creator of ShopKeep, a cloud-based POS system. Until recently, tech startups traditionally enjoyed relative freedom from financial oversight from the venture capitalists who funded them. As long as these firms could report progress in developing their products […]

A troubling startup layoff trend has emerged

We don’t need to tell you about the layoffs that are defining the tech landscape right now, concentrated particularly in late-stage companies that are struggling to raise extension rounds and grow into existing valuations. What we do think is important, though, is focusing on a frustrating trend that is emerging between all these headlines: some […]

Bridge rounds are the late-stage rage

Most startups don’t have a clean run from their pre-seed round through an IPO when it comes to fundraising. Quickly growing tech companies sometimes pause at certain stages, raising a little extra cash against their prior round’s terms, for example. This becomes especially true when the economy changes for the worse and startups are incentivized […]

TikTok and Bootstrapping and

TechCrunch is more than just a site with words. We’re also building a growing stable of podcasts focused on the most critical topics relating to the startup and venture capital worlds. To help you find the right show for your interests, we’ve compiled our audio output from the week. Embedded below is the latest from Chain […]